Vertical disk mill type KE

Reliable Continuous Operation and High Operating Safety


The vertical agitator bead mill type KE is specially designed for processing mineral and ceramic solids as well as grinding of cocoa masses. Due to the optimization of important function groups, both machine types have been optimized with reliable continuous operation and high operating safety.

The machines of the type KE C (for ceramics and minerals) and type KE SK (for cocoa masses) are equipped with the improved grinding disk arrangement TriNex® for intensive grinding.


  • Vertical disk mill type KE C
  • Product inlet via rotor/immersion pipe system to avoid grinding media back flow into the feed line
  • Reliable, control-free continuous operation
  • Fine, non spherical grinding granulate can be used for autogenously grinding
  • Wear resistant grinding chamber design either coated with polyurethane or rubberized
  • Addition of grinding media during operation based on the power input of the agitator bead mill, is possible to guarantee a continuous operation without stopping the mill
  • Screen-free rotor separation system at the upper end of the grinding chamber
  • Vertical disk mill type KE SK
  • Vertical grinding system in wear resistant design
  • Enclosed design
  • Optimized agitator shaft with grinding disks arranged for intensive grinding
  • Product inlet via non-return valve to avoid back flow of the grinding media
  • Separation of the grinding media at the top end of the grinding chamber by highly wear resistant screen plate

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