ULTRA PURE water for complex technological processes

In order to fulfill highest purity requirements, Super-AQUADEM® polisher systems are being manufactured with application and customer oriented design for capacities of up to 20,000 LPH. Every single polisher of these systems, with a volume of each up to 600 L, is being charged only with purest high quality semi-conductor grade resins. An additional scavenger, with special TOC adsorbers, bonds with the smallest organic compounds in ultrapure water, which can consequently be reduced to <0.5 ppb TOC by secondary UV oxidation.
All substances used as well as materials contacting media are being syntonized most accurately to customer-specific requirements; Simple PP designs as well as PVDF-HP constructions with IR Plus® welding technology or bead and crevice-free welding (WNF®).
Super-AQUADEM® polisher systems are unitized from 5 LPM to 330 LPM. For the elimination of anions, metals and organic compounds, all assembly groups are based on two polishers of purest resin connected in series. The maximum tolerable concentration of particles in the submicron range is ensured by either a downstream membrane filter or ultrafiltration.

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