Kogaion Com

Kogaion Com SRL was established in 2004, becoming operational in its first month of existence. Since the very beginning, our team set an objective to create a viable alternative addressed to reference entities in the Romanian business environment. This mission was, is and will always be conducted under extremely high standards, according to those enunciated and applied by the European Union upon the quality of the products and services that we offer.

Our operational and demeanor etiquette translates into practice by a 100% Romanian ensemble concept and it differenciates by a very competitive quality-price ratio, in the markets that we address.

Our team of engineers has an extremely solid professional training and the capacity to cover all aspects related to the resolution and implementation of the projects in our domain of practicability.

We approach the projects’ optimization needs with an expertize whose solid technical argumentation is always at your disposal, these competencies being acquired after applicative research projects in our relation with high-end industries.

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