Grinding System Discus

The NETZSCH Discus system is the quantum leap in disk grinding technology. The further optimized Discus disk agitator combined with the NETZSCH DCC® separation system guarantees you extremely high throughput rates with significantly narrowerd well time distributions and therefore more intensive grinding with uniform impact intensity.

The power input of the mill increases considerably, with a simultaneous increase in energy efficiency. The Discus grinding system activates and optimizes the movement of the grinding beads between the disks, which leads to a higher power input and a grinding efficiency with low specific energy consumption. Thus, you profit from a significant reduction in production costs, since the specific energy consumption decreases with increasing productivity.

Discus system brings you:

  • Extremely high throughput rates
  • Significantly narrowerd well time distribution
  • More intensive grinding with uniform impact intensity
  • The highest power input
  • Low specific energy consumption

Design and Principle

  • Continuous agitator bead mills with horizontal disk agitator
  • With the Discus grinding system, the movement of thegrinding media between the disks is activated and optimized. This leads to a high power input and a grinding efficiency withlow specific energy consumption
  • More intensive grinding with uniform impact intensity
  • The product flows axially from the inlet through the grinding chamber and is stressed by the shearing, pressure and impactaction of the grinding beads and thus ground or finely dispersed
  • A highly effective centrifugal separation system allows the product to flow out, while the grinding beads are retained inthe mill

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