Deionized water for industrial use

We have consistently been using the innovative process of electrochemical deionization as a second treatment step after reverse osmosis. This efficient treatment step is a completely chemical-free process. As a result of permanent regeneration using an electric direct-current voltage field, a persistently high product quality is available.

The synergetic effect of the combination of reverse osmosis and CEDI is the only system which reliably assures the compliance with the requirements of all pharmacopoeias. Therefore it is the ideal feed for continuative ultrapure water systems. This combination permits uninterrupted chemical-free working processes with minimal operating costs and at a very high product quality (up to < 0,06 µS/cm). The extreme pH gradients significantly reduce the potential germ growth. For all pharmaceutical applications there are CEDI modules available which are suitable for sanitization with hot water (85 °C).

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