About us

Kogaion Com has become operational since our first month of existence, in 2004, with the sole purpose of creating tenable alternative solutions for relevant Romanian businesses.

Not only our team’s mission, demeanor and operational etiquette, but also the quality of our products and services, are always submitted to the European Union’s standards.

We always meet our clients’ needs and expectations with a 100% Romanian concept and we exceed them by always offering a very competitive quality-price ratio.


Cutting-edge technology

All our productive and operational processes are conducted under the sign of high-end technology, thus delivering products and solutions which exceed our clients’ expectations

State of the art, integrated solutions

Our engineers put their extremely solid professional background into practice and deliver complete solutions in a highly effective manner

European Union standards

All our projects benefit from all-encompassing validation documentation and are aligned to the standards enunciated and applied throughout the European Union

Authorized service

We offer high quality post- implementation services, such as troubleshooting and equipment consumables and spare parts supply


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