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KOGAION COM provides a range of products and/or turnkey services that meet the most demanding requirements of GMP norms, in the following fields:

1. Water purification and ultra-purification
     - Systems for the production of purified water by means of reverse osmosis and electro- deionization
     - Water pre-treatment systems (softeners, UV lamps, filters, de-ironing, NaOH dosing, etc.)
     - Reverse osmosis membranes
     - Preparing full documentation for water purification systems to meet GMP requirements
     - On-line monitoring equipment for TOC (total oxidation carbon)
     - Thermo-compression distillers for injectable water production in the pharmaceutical industry
     - Purified steam generators
     - Degassing equipment

2. Stainless steel pipe loops and vessels, modification, metering and automation of technological circuits
     - Orbital welding with own equipment
     - Stainless steel storage/ preparation vessels with any degree of internal and external processing required by the recipients
     - Agitators, mixers, reactors, tanks
     - Installation works and commissioning of turnkey technological pipe loops using orbital welding equipment, as well as issuing certifications with non-destructible control.
     - Meters and flow meters for various utilities, including waste water

3. Laboratory equipment - supplies and equipment
     - Qualitative and quantitative filter paper for industrial and laboratory use
     - Laminar flow extractors
     - Distillers
     - Separation membranes
     - Micro filters and culture medium
     - Supplies for thin layer chromatography
     - Centrifugal concentrators
     - Centrifugal columns
     - HPLC columns
     - Viscometers
     - Thermostatic water baths
     - Chromatographic separation rooms
     - Ultrasonic baths

4. Grinding equipment at NANOMETRIC SCALE for wet and dry for industry and laboratory use.